Electric start sprag bearing (1)


This SKF bearing is a replacement for the Ducati sprag clutch bearing that was prone to fail in the electric start mechanism. It will replace the standard bearing on all electric start models from the 860GT's to the MHR's. The main reason the standard Ducati bearing fails to grip and also eventually disintegrates is because of the flimsy springs used to hold the sprag teeth in place. This SKF replacement uses a slightly different tooth shape and a much heavier gauge spring. Limited stock available.

Fitting instructions;

You need to test it to be absolutely sure it is in the right way. The motor rotates backwards, meaning that if you are looking at the motor with the cover off, it goes clockwise. The sprag bearing sits in the flywheel and the drive gear is stationary. While looking at the motor with the flywheel and drive gear in place, the drive gear must catch when trying to turn it clockwise. So therefore if you have the flywheel sitting in your hand, sprag already in it, then you drop the drive gear down into place,(so you are looking from the back now), it will catch while trying to rotate the drive gear anticlockwise.

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